Monday, June 11, 2012

Baked Porridge

'Twas a shy, wintery dawn and my alarm clock was sleeping peacefully, but the dream of Baked Porridge for breakfast was enough to pull me out of bed a few minutes earlier this morning. 

This is a variation of Bill Granger's recipe, mostly because I cook with what I have at hand and there was no way that I was trawling the city for double cream and figs this morning. 

These proportions will feed two to three of you, but if you cook extra it will keep in the fridge overnight (unless someone eats it first).

Photo of Baked Porridge
135g rolled oats
75g of sultanas
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cinnamon
3 tbsp soft brown sugar
850ml milk
I doubled the batch and threw it all into a large baking tray, cooking it at 150°C for just under an hour, but you should check it at 45 minutes to see if you have to add more milk.

In a perfect world, you can put the oats in the oven, go for a  45 minute run, then come home and check how they're going before you hop in the shower. In a first world kind of way, I love feeling hungry before I sit down to eat and baked oats after a run are just a divine combination.

OK, I hear you. You're only here for the food and your doona has a greater pulling power than mine. I'm thinking that you could throw all these ingredients in the rice cooker the night before, set it to start an hour before your alarm goes off and enjoy an extra hour's sleep. That could work! I'll try that one next time.

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